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Processing is particularly suitable for creating visual and interactive applications. It offers built-in libraries and functions for graphics, animation, interactivity, and multimedia, allowing developers to easily create visually appealing and interactive experiences.

Processing's beginner-friendly nature, visual and interactive capabilities, creative coding focus, open-source community, cross-platform compatibility, educational value, extensive library ecosystem, rapid prototyping capabilities, and integration possibilities make it a powerful tool for artistic expression, creative coding, and learning programming concepts.

I love this tool but there isn't anything here really, check out other projects 👇

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Game Pedagogía del Recorrido

“Pedagogía del recorrido” is an interactive game developed in Unity. The character is a student that goes through the evolution of education and has to cope with the challenges that each theory of education had towards the students.

August 2015 . Argentina

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Lisa: Seguridad Integral

Lisa is an mobile app concept that aims to provide security to the user and their loved ones without compromising their privacy. Lisa has a map module, frequent places, instant alerts, real-time tracking. The app can also be controlled by voice.

December 2020 . Argentina

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