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Strapi is my go-to open-source headless CMS for projects that require a high level of customization while keeping as open-source as possible. Strapi provides a visual interface for creating and managing content models, giving developers the ability to define their own data structures and content types. This allows for highly customized and structured content management tailored to specific project needs.

Strapi's open-source nature, headless architecture, customizable content models, RESTful and GraphQL APIs, user-friendly interface, plugin ecosystem, role-based access control, scalability, and active community make it a powerful and flexible CMS for building content-rich applications.

I love this tool but there isn't anything here really, check out other projects 👇

Project Image for Bitski US Open NFTs

Bitski US Open NFTs

Bitski partnered with the US Open to provide an unique opportunity for every tennis fan around the world to celebrate the 2021 US Open with an exclusive NFT collectible, featuring the US Open championship trophies.

August 2021 . United States

Project Image for GIFFT


GIFFT is a marketing app for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The platform is used by shop owners as a marketing tool to promote their shops as well as by users to access our partner network and live new experiences.

February 2022 . Germany


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